Liquidity Access

I see that there is Liquidity “Robolla” but on my exchange I do not know how to add it. I do see the plugin “Robolla” that says coming soon when I tried to add it. How can I access liquidity for the top 5 markets and pairs? Any recommendations to get trading moving and the site active?

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There are two types of markets:

  1. Markets supported by HollaEx Foundation which are the ones listed on in which exchanges can receive the liquidity sharing from.
  2. Other markets added by exchanges.

Keep in mind that according to the HollaEx whitepaper for creating new markets, you would require to donate currently 10,000 XHT to activate a new market. Once the market is activated you can consult with market makers and liquidity providers to help you with the liquidity. bitHolla offers a service called Robolla which is a paid service and you can inquire about the pricing by sending an email to [email protected]

Thank you email sent. I have purchased 10,000XHT

Haven’t heard back yet from sales or support. Could the contact me?