Add Tokens with no liquidity

Is it possible to add your own token and trading pairs WITHOUT liquidity access?

The problem I’m having right now is that I run a new exchange with no liquidity (not a problem), and I have added my own tokens with no cost except that of creating the tokens and the gas fees, etc., but the over-all support is horrible, but with hollaex, you get support (on some levels), and access to liquidity, but I am severely limited with added tokens and trading pairs. and then there are the fees…

Be nice if I could use the liquidity network, if I wanted to, and add my own pairs with no restrictions, controlled my fees for at least those, and receive support where appropriate (tiered?).

I know… sounds like a “cake and eat it too” situation. But it’s 2022 - we have a space station and self driving cars…


Actually, if you don’t have liquidity you can setup an OTC broker: HollaEx


By definition, a new token is unknown, which means there will be no demand or liquidity. However, liquidity for larger markets is available. Someone else shared the link to an OTC broker, which could be a good option for new tokens.


Thanks for that info


Yes… understood.


I think I just discovered a road block/brickwall to what I was trying to do.

I wanted to add my own token/s and not use the network or it’s liquidity. I’ve been being told I could use the OTC option, however it is being assumed that I meant "pay for a token to be added to my exchange, then NOT use the network’s liquidity.

Thats not what I meant.

If I pay to have a token and pair added to my exchange, why would I not want it in/on the network (perhaps that might be reasons, but none for me).

I mean how can you add you own token to the exchange, without cost, and thus not have access to the network because you did not pay?

It seems “you can’t”.

I’ve paid for the pro version days ago and STILL have not heard anything from support as to when my token will be added. No acknowledgement to several emails that I even exist (or that that received emails)…


donation is required typically for new assets: Adding Erc-20 Token

you should be able to get a token as part of the higher level cloud systems. after, activation it means other platforms can list your token (there is a private/public function).

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Yes, thanks.
I already have a token listed publicly. It’s just that I’ve switched from another platform to hollaex pro and my old system had a sizable number of assets and pairs and I’ve been entertaining lower cost ways to get some of them onto this new exchange…

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What was the other platform, if you don’t mind me asking?

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I sent you a private message…


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Hi! just noticed your reply! Also replied your message. thanks!


Did you every get an answer to this “I mean how can you add you own token to the exchange, without cost, and thus not have access to the network because you did not pay?” because we have 100s of tokens of which only a few would be interesting to have on the liquidity network. We also tried the OTC and the new assets require approval, we are trying to get answers on a Custom Network but this is as clear as mud. Any chance you could pm the “other platform”, this could be interesting.