Invalid API Key Error

Hello All,

I was trying to install exchange on DIY server and deployed it on ubuntu 20.4 LTS minimal, installation was overall quite charm when compared to other distros I tried like Cent OS 7, CentOS 8, and Debian 10.

my exchange is pointed to the domain:

when try to initiate its final settings, it started to show an error via a pop up 403 - {"message": "Access Denied: Invalid API Key"}

Can you help me to solve this issue? Thanks.

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The error you are having is related to the exchange API key.

If you are a DIY user, you could run the commands below to revoke & issue the API key and apply it on the exchange.

hollaex toolbox --reset_hmac_token
hollaex toolbox --set_activation_code
hollaex server --restart

How this answer helps.