How to set up an email for the Cloud exchange?


I created an exchange on the cloud, but I have no idea how to set up an email.

It seems like the email is must required to allow user signups.

I went into the admin panel’s email settings, but personally have no idea what to put in.

Where can I get some help with this?

Thank you so much.

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Hi there!

Perfect timing. We just launched a new built-in SMTP email feature for cloud users.

If you are a cloud user, you don’t need to deal with complicated email configuration and stuff.

Go to the HollaEx Dashboard, and you’ll see a menu called “Setup email”.

By typing in the domain that you want to use for sending emails, the dashboard will automatically configure the SMTP email part on the exchange, and that’s it.

You will be able to use the email feature afterward.

The email hosting and charge are already included in the cloud plan, so no need to worry about the extra charge. It’s “free” :wink:.

To see more information, please check this forum post.

Thank you!

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Note that the built-in SMTP email is only for cloud users which can be set up with a very simple wizard. There are plenty of SMTP email service providers and you can find few listed and recommended here that you can choose from:

- Amazon SES: Very reliable and affordable option for production services
- Mailgun: Very east to setup. If you are a cloud exchange you can use it for free.
- SendGrid: Another simple option to use and easily setup.
- Gmail: I would not recommend this option for production use.

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