HollaEx Cloud now got a built-in SMTP email feature

Hello there, fellow hollaers.

Email is an important requirement to run an exchange. Sign-up, withdrawal confirmation, email verification and many other sensitive operations rely on email.

In order to use email in HollaEx Kit, you need to setup an SMTP email server, or register with one of the public SMTP email service providers (for example, AWS), and configure it on the HollaEx Kit manually. HollaEx Cloud users were not an exception either and until now they had to go through the cumbersome process of setting up a mail server.

I have a good new for you and I am happy to introduce the new built-in email feature for HollaEx Cloud users.

You don’t need to go through setting up an SMTP email server by yourself or register into one of the public ones. Simply go to the HollaEx Dashboard,, and find the “Setup email” section on the “Hosting” page.

Type in the domain that you own that you want to use for sending emails. For example, If you want to send automated emails from your exchange with [email protected], then simply type mydomain.com here.

After going through the DNS verification flow (similar to the exchange domain connection popup), it’s all done! The system will automatically update your exchange to have an email integration with your own domain.

Hopefully this feature will make it easier than ever to get your emails going.


Nice ! What is your SMTP provider ?


Hey. The built-in SMTP feature is powered by Mailgun.

It is one of the email providers we were already recommending at the HollaEx Docs.

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