Coin Liquidity question

I have a question. If I list a coin on the HollaEx network, does it come with liquidity included?

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Hey there

Nope, you are responsible of adding liquidity for your coins (Tho major currencies already include it). Can check out this article for more information

Thanks for the article. @TheBigXion

I have gone through the article, it doesnt really say how being on hollaex helps you get liquidity for your coin though. it juts says its possible, but no information on the HOW to do it.

The How to docs do not also show this.

We will appreciate if you help note down some steps we can follow to achieve this or a more detailed how to

Hello olib,

Being on HollaEx doesn’t help you get liquidity per se (You can contact [email protected] tho and discuss a liquidity deal), but it does bring tools like the Api documentation for developers to build their own liquidity bots. We also have Robolla, the trading bot designed specifically for HollaEx, can contact support for that too.

In case you aren’t able to provide liquidity, you can always go with an OTC deal for your coin in order to avoid the price discovery process

Hope this was helpful!

Hi! Actually, new assets with minimal trade volume won’t come with liquidity. You can also check out this thread here since they talk about more liquidity solutions.