You can now use octobot with any currency of any HollaEx exchange?

Hey guys, so I just stumbled upon this tutorial about Octobot, looks like it’s compatible with all exchanges using HollaEx’s arquitecture?

Gonna try to quicky resume the video, so you can see a bit of how the process is

1-The tutorial already starts assuming that you have octobot installed, so im gonna jump that step

2-It starts by adding the Exchange to octobot, using the API key and secret of the user’s account, you also need the exchange API URL

Getting the exchange API URL seems a bit tricky if you don’t already have it… Basically, you have to fake a login attempt with a random email/password, and then using the server request to get it

So basically: Try to login with random information → inspect → Network → You should see the server request called “login”, you just have to click on it and you will see the API URL

After you get and paste it, you have to add the pair you wanna trade, to do this, the tutorial ads USDT and then writes the pair to add ¿?, Guess it works

After that it’s just selecting a strategy and looks like it works, at least there’s trading proof on the video:

And that’s kind of it, hope some of you find it usefull as I did!

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so if i start an exchange, with a custom coin’s market, id be able to use this bot?

Yes .But The Token must be listed on your Exchange and Exchange API Keys and Secret Connected to Octobot.

Yea! Like awsd3v said, any pair can be exchanged as long as it’s listed in an exchange You configurated in your octobot instance

How about other bots?
These also use the CCXT standard:

There is also Cryptohopper.

Have you used any of these? As long as they are ccxt compatible, they should work.