Which port should I use for HollaEx?

Hi there.

I just finished to setup HollaEx on my new server, and check that the server is working great. Now I want to bind an external load balancer (something like AWS ELB) to HollaEx for production purpose.

But which port should I bind on load balancer to forward traffic to HollaEx correctly? Does the typical 80 port works for HollaEx?

I need an advice for this. Thanks.

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You are correct. You can use just typical 80 port for HollaEx connection.

Technically, API server and Stream (Websocket) server of HollaEx uses 10010 and 10080 port by default. But, There’s a nginx reverse proxy also coming with HollaEx Kit. This handles traffics coming to 80 port to 10010 (API) or 10080 (Stream) automatically based on the URL. Typically the URL starts with /v1 is for API, URL starts with /socket.io is for Stream.

So, the conclusion is, just use 80 port for HollaEx connection! :+1:

Let me know if you have any other questions or needs help.



This is up to the nginx configuration in templates folder. Is that correct?

How about using 443 for SSL? I suppose if I just use port 80 the system after AWS ELB is not encrypted which could cause security issues.