What's the minimal and recommended specs for running HollaEx?


I want to know that what is the minimal and recommended specs (hardware) for running HollaEx Kit for production.

I am running the server on AWS, and struggling at selecting a right instance type.

Can someone help me?

Hi there.

The minimum requirements are Linux, 4GB RAM, and 50GB of SSD.

If you are on AWS, this will be t3.medium or t3a.medium. Could also use t4a.medium like a hipster too if you want :slight_smile:

But please understand that the minimum is minimum. Since the HollaEx Kit web requires at least 3GB of RAM for the build, a server with 4GB RAM would not be enough sometimes. It could make the web build as failed due to the out of memory issue.

So if you are looking for production-ready server requirements, I want to ask you to go with an 8GB RAM server.

That will be t3.large or t3a.large, or t4g.large on AWS.

I hope this answer could help you!

Also, you can check the requirements at HollaEx docs too.


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