Web image fail on AWS Ubuntu instance

when i finished the server setup and went on to setup the web , during its building process i received this error and i have no idea what to do at this point , anyone had the similar error? normally i had no issue deploying the web image before, first time ive run into an issue like this, please help with a solution , much appreciated :slight_smile:

How much memory do you have on your machine? It could be a resource issue.

8 gb of ram, with 50gb of storage setup as recommended

Hey. 5GB Storage sounds too little for running the Kit. It gotta have at least 15GB (recommended 50GB) to run the Kit properly.

And based on what I’m seeing on your logs, your ./index.css file at ./src folder is missing.

Did you do any sort of customization on the code level?

On code level only 1 thing was changed which was the Dashboard title was changed into “Dashboardoo”
And i checked that the index css file from the project source code, its in the folder exactly there, yet when the setup process runs it says missing the file, which made me confused a lot and since then im just stuck with no solution

Could there be a version issue, from cli it says 2.3.1 when the installed version is 2.3.2 ?

If you made any customization on the code base, I recommend you roll back it first and build it again.

If rollback is not possible, you could download the new Kit from Github, copy your /settings folder into the new one, and remove the old Kit folder.

Simple customizations like changing strings can be all done through the Web’s customization UI afterward. I recommend you to not edit the code unless it’s 100% necessary.