V2.2.4 Upgrade Error?

Has anyone tried upgrading to v2.2.4? My entire exchange has gone down after the upgrade. The web and the server just won’t come up.

Im having exactly the same issue, can someone explain what need to be done after the upgrade?

It looks like an nginx issue…nginx doesn’t start and it seems to be pointing to a wrong path. So “hollaex prod” too doesn’t work after the upgrade.

Yes, facing with the same problems

I had to do a system restore and revert back to the previous version to get my exchange running.

I think commit #1045 was the last stable release 15 days ago (v2.2.3). I’m going to roll back the changes and go back to 2.2.3 till we figure out what went wrong.

After i did a system restore and reverted back to the last version i tried doing the upgrade again and this time it work for me, I’m now on ver 2.2.4.