User crypto address

Hi. I notice that the createUserCryptoAddress method in network-lib sends a request to ${this.baseUrl}/network/${this.exchange_id}/create-address?user_id=${userId}&crypto=${crypto} but I can’t figure out where is the network endpoint and how can I handle its requests? Is it close source?


It has network as a query string as well.

The following code is from the network library:

	let path = `${this.baseUrl}/network/${this.exchange_id}/create-address?user_id=${userId}&crypto=${crypto}`;

	if ( {
		path += `&network=${}`;

I’m looking for a controller to handle incoming requests to /v2/network route. Where can I find it? :thinking:

Is that related to your previous question?

actually, my main question is that :sweat_smile:
I want to know how a crypto address is created and where is stored?

That function you sent earlier creates the wallet address. You can get them using GET /user under wallet object.

Yes, but how does it create the wallet address? Is it created in the Hollaex network? createUserCryptoAddress sends a request to ${this.apiUrl}${path} which the path is ${this.baseUrl}/network/${this.exchange_id}/create-address?user_id=${userId}&crypto=${crypto}. Now I want to know where is the ${this.baseUrl}/network/ handler?

Yes its in the HollaEx Network.

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