Unable to live it on my server


hope you’re fine

My name is hammad I am the developer working on Holleax Theme to redesign the Design of this theme I have changed the design of the theme and its works properly on the local server and live server

now the issue is that when I try to install packages in the node application throws the error “Dialect needs to be explicitly supplied as of v4.0.0” the version which I used for a node is “14.16.0”.
I used the steps which I followed “npm i” for installing the node module and then “npm start” to start the node application after it took time and then it threw the error which I mentioned above.

how i can live application on my server and also provide the solution why it’s not working also you can download the code from this link " https://github.com/shoaib3456/hollaex "

looking forward to your response
thank you

Where are you running npm start command? Are you running it in the /web folder or the root directory?