Transaction fee on hollaex DIY

I was wondering about something.

Does hollaex charge transaction fee even if our exchange site is built from hollaex DIY kit?

(not cloud, or premium versions)
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What do you mean by transaction fees? You mean the trading fees? DIY exchange by default connect to the HollaEx Network and it has liquidity and revenue sharing.

oops yes I meant trading fees, I am setting up my DIY exchange. I thought I don’t have to share the trading fees (like my users trade crypto on my server) with holla site.

So according to what you said, I still have to pay for trading fees even if it is DIY?

Thanks a lot for your answer!

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Correct. a DIY exchange is still connected to the HollaEx Network unless you are connected to your own private network: Private HollaEx Network - HollaEx

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can i please ask one more thing? there is maker fee/taker fee also apart from revenue sharing. Should we also pay those fees when I set my exchange site using DIY kit?

maker/taker fees are for the end user. In a basic DIY you share 50% of that with HollaEx.

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thanks a loooot for your quick answers~