Trade commission fee/tier

Maybe someone can help me here:

  1. Why is the minimum fee possible set to 0.3?

  2. Is the fee structure the same when trades happen between my members versus someone else on the network?

  3. How would I proceed to offer Zero-commission trading to my VIP tier?

Thanks for your help!

I suggest you read the whitepaper for more detailed information: HollaEx 2.0 Whitepaper

The fee is 0.3 for a non member exchange. You need to put 50,000 XHT collateral to become a lite member and 500,000 XHT to become a member of the HollaEx Network. It will bring down the minimum fees 0 for market maker and 0.05% for taker as a member exchange. Additionally it lowers the collateral required.

You can alternatively look into bitholla plans that simplifies these into a monthly fee as well as a solid cloud hosted solution.

Your exchange is part of HollaEx Network and shared the orderbook and trading with other +100 exchanges in the network.

You can offer low fees to your VIP users only if you are a member exchange in the HollaEx Network. Being a member also allows to to issue fiat asset in the network and you can have a fiat ramp in case you are interested in that.

Thanks, very helpful! Are you on the dev team or a contributor? You seem to know quite a bit about the platform.

I am guessing you are the Ali! I am interested in Fiat asset where I would be able to have my customer buy USDT for example using their credit card, bank transfer or other means based on the country (Here in Canada, we have the INTERACT network) and have it added to their wallet in my exchange. Same for withdrawals, where they could initiate a bank withdrawal or have an amount credited to their credit/debit card for example. It need to be easy to move from Fiat to Crypto and back to Fiat.

After over 10 years in the crypto world, I see that its still the same issue that generates problem with a wider global adoption. I even saw a post yesterday about that on Reddit where someone was asking where they could take their fiat and get it converted to crypto without all fees and problems relate to moving to many platforms to get this done. Personally, I was able to achieve it in two steps here in Canada and with minutes. The goal here is one step.

I was hoping that the bank plugin could automate the process but its just storing the bank info. Is there plans to automate the banking process? The client would login to the exchange, setup his bank info, click a deposit button, set the amount to be transferred and then get an email with the wire info. They take it to they bank and when the transfer is done, the exchange processes the deposit and credit the account in USDT. Similar process with the withdrawal where the person would click to withdraw, enter the amount and the system would generate a transfer.

Since is so different for each bank/processors, an API would be best to allow us to integrate with each platform. Is there any info available about the fiat part?

Bank integration typically involves heavy KYC/AML policies in almost all countries so its not going to be that easy. If you become a member exchange in HollaEx Network you can issue fiat and subsequently you can figure out the way to handle bank integration. There is a package in bitHolla called Fiat Master which pretty much is a package that assists you with that process.