Thoughts on changing the summary chart section of HollaEx to include 7 day low coins

I noticed some other platforms have come with a 7 day low feature which basically allows users to see which coins are preforming the worst. I am curious if there can be a feature similar to this or at least more than the 24 hours.

Its a good idea +1. Could you share a basic mockup or an example of how it would look like?

Here are two screenshots from binance mobile one is showing a example of top gainers and losers basically it picks the best preformers and losers. I think that HollaEx can do something similar. Another screenshot is the feature to “add or remove widgets”. I think that being able to setup your home screen in a modular way would help make the summary page custom to the user. Another part to this would be maybe a favorites section where the coins charting is presented with indicators of where you may have a alert order in.

Screenshot_20211008-195725_BinanceUS Screenshot_20211008-200327_BinanceUS

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top winner sand lossers be great does something similar too. See The Top Crypto Gainers And Losers Today [Updated] | CoinMarketCap