Testnet Exchange for sandboxing

Hello Everyone,

What is the best way to add sandboxing environment for exchanges, So users can do API testing on fake currencies before moving on to the mainnet?


Hi there.

HollaEx provides a testnet mode for that purpose.

You can simply go to the testnet bitHolla dashboard and sign up.

You should select the DIY mode for the exchange type since the cloud exchange payment is not available for the testnet.

Once the exchange setup is done, download the fresh HollaEx Kit from Github and go into it.

git clone https://github.com/bitholla/hollaex-kit.git

Before you run any hollaex commands there, you should run this command first.

hollaex mode --testnet

This command will set your HollaEx Kit as testnet mode. The HollaEx Kit will use the mainnet resources if this command is not specified. So please make sure you run it.

From there, it’s pretty much the same as running a normal HollaEx Kit exchange.

Please proceed to set up the exchange with the hollaex setup command. If it asks you to log in, type the new account you’ve made on the testnet bitHolla dashboard.

Good luck, and let me know if you face an issue or anything.


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Thank you, I will try it out sooner.

Hi Yechan,

Test-net version of my exchange is live, Can you please tell what ETH test-net, BTC test-net and XHT test-net it supports and where can I find their appropriate faucets ?

Hi there.

For any questions related to the testnet currencies, please contact [email protected] with your testnet wallet address for more help.

Thank you :slight_smile:

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Thanks for mentioning it.

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