Swap and Buy App

Hello guys,

I’m new to HollaEx and i’ve wanted to get into this space for a while. I’m after some help and advice on what HollaEx can actually do?

I want to create a mobile app which can transfer a portfolio, buy, swap and borrow - is this something that HollaEx kit can help with? If so, can someone please point me in that direction? Is HollaEx the best solution for this?

I look forward to hearing from you and thanks for your time.

Kind regards


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Hi! sounds like OTC broker might be fitting for you. You can check out more information and instructions on their docs here.


Hello and thanks for the reply.

the link is going to the Hollaex site - is OTC broker part of the same package?

Forgive my ignorance, i’m new to this space. Is there also and mentor scheme with this?

Look forward to hearing from you.

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Once you got an exchange live you can visit the admin and make use the OTC.

More information on how it works here: HollaEx Blog - Crypto OTC Broker — Make Deals as Easily as Possible on Your Exchange (note, it isn’t the same as an orderbook if you know what that is)