Suggested Fixes

  1. A way for the Dev. to clear the cache directly in the script to try to restart NGINX localhost.
  2. An alternative way to script push to MAMP to utilize it’s NGINX port 8080, or to have Docker Image push to MAMP if all else fails.
  3. Update your NGINX script calls
  4. Put out a patch for NGINX, as that seems to be a bug and rather glitched, along with Redis.
  5. When entering a email, password, and exchange name using the Hollaex network in the CLI after input of “hollaex server --setup”, have a way for the Dev. to “DELETE” previous input if needing to reinstall, and not have to create 5 email accounts just to get the software to cycle a good value before the install.
    All just suggestions when building V3.
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There is a tag called ‘Ideas’ that I think this is perfect for.

That should have read DAMP an alternative to MAMP