Status false on v1/constans v1/health

I try to open after hollaex setup command but i see on status “false” v1/health too status “false” and i open 404 page

Hi there.

Looks like your exchange is not activated correctly. The status value at health shows the exchange activation status.

Can you try to restart your exchange first by running hollaex restart, and check the exchange status again?

Regarding the 404 error you’ve got on the web browser, please confirm that you called, not just plain For accessing HollaEx API, the path always should start with /v1/.

Thank you.

After hollaex restart IM see status Calling the exchange health page (http://localhost/v1/health) …

502 Bad Gateway

502 Bad Gateway


And now still same status false


If you are still seeing the status as false, can you also try to completely terminate your current exchange and start over?

Run hollaex terminate command to terminate your exchange, and run hollaex setup to set up the exchange from a scratch one again.

Please make sure that you don’t have any important data on the exchange.

If you still face the issue even after you started all over, please contact to [email protected]. Our support team could give you some additional help.

Thank you.