SSL certificate

I have already installed HollaEx on my server and everything has gone well so far. How do I manage and apply SSL certificates on my server and web?

I have already set DOMAIN and API_URL in my configuration, now how should I proceed to make all my URLs using https? I am referring to both my api server and client server URL.

Hi there.

The HollaEx CLI provides a built-in SSL issuing / renewing feature through Let’s Encrypt.

You can issue an SSL cert both for an API and web server through hollaex toolbox --issue_ssl command. Make sure to start the server first before running the SSL related commands. Don’t’ forget to renew the issued SSL with hollaex toolbox --renew_ssl command in every 3 months. It would be best to set up an automated job through crontab or similar.

Additionally, If you are considering about to use your cloud provider’s load balancer, Using SSL cert provided by the cloud provider is also a good idea. Please reference your cloud provider’s documents in this case.

Thank you. And feel free to reply to me If you have any more questions.

Just to be clear if I run the command hollaex toolbox --issue_ssl its going to issue the SSL for my web client as well?

What if I want to add the certificate into a subdomain? All I need to do is to specify the values as DOMAIN accordingly?


Yes, You are correct. The hollaex toolbox --issue_ssl command will handle SSL certificates both for the web and the API server. You’ll able to see a selection menu once you run the command.

The --issue_ssl command will issue a certificate for the exact domain that you specified at HOLLAEX_CONFIGMAP_DOMAIN or HOLLAEX_CONFIGMAP_API_HOST. The issuer doesn’t matter it’s a subdomain or not.

You can check the official certbot docs to see how exactly it works.

Thank you.