Ssl certificate issue error

I want to activate ssl certificate. So i enter 'hollaex toolbox issue_ssl" command. But follwing comment was shown.
Dial unix /var/run/dock.sock : no such file or directory
Failed to issue ssl certificate by using cerbot.

Please inform the solution.

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Hi there.

That means your Docker daemon is simply not running.

Please make sure that your already started the Docker.

systemctl docker start to start the Docker on Ubuntu.


I have following error when issue ssl

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Try to run this:
hollaex toolbox --renew_ssl

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Hey there. Seems like your stream server is not running on your machine.

Please check the server status with hollaex status and hollaex logs.

If you are not sure why it is happening, try to restart the server with hollaex restart and run the SSL command again.


This is how it worked for me:

  1. hollaex prod
  2. do not issue ssl (select N when asking to issue ssl)
  3. hollaex web build and push registry
  4. hollaex toolbox --issue_ssl
  5. hollaex web --restart
  6. hollaex web build and push registry