Setting Up A Cloud Hosting Exchange From Zero

Hello everyone,

I am planing to start an exchange by using CLOUD HOSTING service of Bitholla. I have too many questions.

  1. I signed up for HOLLAEX and I couldn’t see the CASH DEPOSIT option in my account. So, how will my customers deposit cash in to the exchange, or if my company takes the payments, how are we going to deposit that cash into our exchangei to the customer account? Doesn’t HOLLAEX have cash deposit option? (Also, paying with XHT is discounted. But how to buy XHT with cash? I have seen other exchanges selling XHT. So, we will buy from them? Also customers will fund their accounts only by sending cryptos? Which means, my company should have an account in an other coin exchange?)

  2. Is everything done to start the exchange by paying 900$'s? Any other hidden costs?

  3. Creating a new asset requires 10.000XHT’s, which is around 2.300$'s. Are there any hidden costs for those assets? Is this price same for all asset types? I have seen BLOCKCHAIN, FIAT and OTHER type of assets. Blockchain is tokens, ok. Fiat is real money or commodity…etc, ok. What about OTHER? Is it just digital assets not based on any chain? If so, still 10.000 XHT has to be paid?

  4. Is there a way to use our own domain with first 900$ option? Without domain, it is not a good start and paying 2500$/year in the beginning is too much if we just require the domain. (By the way, we will be creating two digital assets first year. Which we will spend around 5.500$ at the beginning.)

  5. Is the bank integration in the PLUGINS work with Transferwise? Or which bank or payment solutions do you suggest us to start?

  6. Does cloud hosting takes back ups automatically?

  7. I need Turkish language also. Is it possible for me to translate the site to Turkish?

  8. We will be collecting money from our investors before we set up the exchange. In return, we will give them an asset which will be created in the exchange. So, basically, we will send them those assets for free based on their front payments before. Is it possible to send created assets to other wallets from our company wallet directly? (We will use those funds for costs. Details will be in the Whitepage.)

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Maybe you should have asked them one at a time… I am interested in the answer to some of these as well, like how to start

I’m just a DIY exchange kit user but Ill share what I know.

  1. Sounds like you signed up to the exchange of HollaEx and you want to deposit cash fiat of sort. There is only stablecoins so you’d have to exchange cash into crypto stablecoin or any crypto for that matter. If you have your own exchange you can allow cash deposits but you’d have to connect that solution yourself as each country system is different in that regard.

  2. You’d have to go to to try the cloud exchange to get more accurate pricing which is all clear there and even on the site. DIY is free though as you are hosting yourself.

  3. As far as I know it is universal, if the asset is not in system already you’d have to donate XHT to get it activated (you can create the asset/token in the exchange setup). Fiat currency cost same but you’d still need to address 1. yourself as mention each fiat is different in each country and not as simple as plugging in a blockchain native asset (BTC, ETH, DOGE).

  4. There is a basic plan that gives a domain for free (not your own) but thats what you get for as part of the upgrade exchange packs. DIY guys can add there own for free but requires know-how.

  5. You’d have to contact the bank/transferwise.

  6. Uncertain but I’m pretty sure there is a backup in latest 2.1 you can read in the blog

  7. That’s part of the features once exchange is live, you can add langauges (see blog)

  8. That relates back to the point 3. Create asset/token that you want to give to your network, activate it, open exchange, distribute it.