Running in local machine


I’m trying to run the web client in my machine but I’m having this error when running “npm install”.

Are there any steps that I need to do before running the web client?

Hi there.

It seems like you ran the npm install right from your Windows machine, with no Docker or Linux layer.

If you are trying to launch the web server for your local HollaEx Kit server, then please refer to this page on the official docs.

If you are trying to launch a development server without Docker intentionally, then I recommend you try it again on a Linux machine or a Windows WSL environment. Since the HollaEx Kit is designed for the Linux operating system, I can’t guarantee the functionality in a Windows environment.

Let me know how it goes. Thanks.

I’ve successfully launch it using wsl environment. Specifically ubuntu. Can I now modify the web client freely? edit the react front end?

Hey. If you successfully managed to launch the HollaEx Kit on Windows with WSL, can you also try to run the web server on top of the WSL environment?

I think that will allow you to run the web with no issues.