Rebranding my HollaEx Kit


I would like to know how and at which stage I could rebrand my exchange? I want to change the logo and some of the colors used in the exchange.



Hi there.

You can run hollaex setup --reconfigure to update values for your exchange, including URL for logo. Your exchange will be restarted once you run the command, so there could be small downtime. So please keep that in mind.

For customizing the colors, you can also set the basic theme by using hollaex setup --reconfigure between white and dark. But for more detailed color customizations, you should modify the code of web client by yourself. You can find the code for the web at your HollaEx Kit, /web directory. Once the code customization is done, please run hollaex web --rebuild and hollaex web --restart to apply the newest code changes on the server.

Let me know if you have more questions. Thanks.


For web customization you can refer to and change and apply your own branding accordingly.

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Starting from HollaEx Kit 2.0, there is direct edit for updating text/icons, theme change and many feature for exchange admin to update the exchange without a single line of code.