Production deployment

I have tested and played around with the kit and now considering going live.

What are the considerations I should keep in mind and are there any commands or methods I need to use before going production live?

There are guides on the offical bitHolla blog that going into some FAQ on white-label exchange software questions:

Link above goes into benefits, types and general costs etc.

And on exchange collateralization if going into production with a DIY exchange: Exchange Collateralization - bitHolla Blog

There are other interesting reads there about crypto industry and exchange technology that may prove useful in knowing before going live.

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Hi there.

If you already set up an exchange on your machine and considering bringing up that environment to production, there’s a command called hollaex prod built for this.

Like a gift box prepared for production service, this command would bind domain(s) to your exchange server and helps you to issue SSL certificates for secure connection.

You should own (sub)domains to bind with your exchange web and API server to run this command.

We’ve also added this flow on our official docs, so please have a look.


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