Probleme avec le kit

Bonjour, j’ai créé ma cryptomonnaie sur le site Holla, et installé le kit, j’ai un problème avec le serveur & le dns
our Exchange is up!
Try to reach http://api.

You can easily check the exchange status with 'hollaex status'.

You can proceed to setup the web server with 'hollaex web --setup'.

┌─[[email protected]]─[~/hollaex-kit-master]
└──╼ #sudo hollaex status
443e152fd9bd bitholla/my-hollaex-server:fox1999-server-2.1.17-2108231519 “no de app.js” 33 seconds ago Up 30 seconds>10010/tcp, 10080/tcp local_fox1999-server-api_1
5f40ae858554 bitholla/my-hollaex-server:fox1999-server-2.1.17-2108231519 “no de ws/index.js” 33 seconds ago Up 30 seconds 10010/tcp, >10080/tcp local_fox1999-server-stream_1
943a6822e211 bitholla/my-hollaex-server:fox1999-server-2.1.17-2108231519 “no de plugins.js 100…” 33 seconds ago Up 31 seconds 10010/tcp, 10080/tcp local_fox1999-server-plugins_1
cddfda1bf3e2 redis:6.0.9-alpine “do cker-entrypoint.s…” 47 seconds ago Up 44 seconds>6379/tcp local_fox1999-redis_1
3b9e25fdc8e6 postgres:10.9-alpine “do cker-entrypoint.s…” 49 seconds ago Up 48 seconds>5432/tcp local_fox1999-db_1
c542197002af bitholla/nginx-with-certbot:1.15.8 “/b in/sh -c 'ip -4 r…” 47 hours ago Up 47 hours>80/tcp, 0.0.0 .0:443->443/tcp local_fox1999-nginx_1

Calling the exchange health page (http://api. …
curl: (6) Could not resolve host: api.

Exchange health page is not responding. Please check the exchange is up.
┌─[[email protected]]─[~/hollaex-kit-master]

Sur la page du site mon host est bien en vert mais le DNS n’ai pas bon… et je ne vois pas comment installer le XHT ?

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Hi there.

I think you set the wrong domains on your HollaEx Kit.

If you are just going to use it for your local testing, the domain should be http://localhost.

If it’s something for an external connection, you should bind it with a proper domain. In this case, you gotta go to your domain provider’s website and set it to point your server’s public IP.

Je n’ai pas eu ce probleme lors de mon installation. Il y a quoi d’autre qui s’affiche?
Pourriez vous peut etre le dire en anglais comme le support technique est anglais?

It makes sense that you did not have any issues during the hollaex kit setup.

This is something related to the hollaex prod command, which is the command you run after the setup.

Please run the hollaex prod command, and type your domain name to it.

The example will be like the down below:

Instead of, you should put your own domain name.

Please make sure that you already configured your domain DNS to point to your computer’s IP address.

Thank you.