No access after SSL

Installation worked well finally just after setting up the kit with no SSL, that is by answering No to the SSL question.
In this case, the ‘hollaex status’ gives a positive response, and the site is accessible via http… It directs the visitor to the login page, which is another issue.
If I install SSL either during the kit setup or afterwards, the “hollaex status” returns a negative response, stating that the server is not up, in red letters.
I use cloudflare. But it does not matter since I even disabled it trying to troubleshoot the issue.
What can be done? I can provide access to the server for support to check.
From the visitor’s browser’s side, the error is: “The client and server don’t support a common SSL protocol version or cipher suite.”
Thanks in advance.

You better ask your question clearly. You have issues setting up SSL? Are you trying to apply a domain to your exchange?