Newest DIY video on how to setup an exchange with HollaEx Kit (10 minutes)

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This video covers how to setup your own exchange on your local machine using the exchange software HollaEx Kit an open-source white-label crypto kit.

The following will be covered in order:

  1. Machine system requirements to self-host on your own machine
  2. Copy and input git clone
  3. Go to directory and install HollaEx ‘bash’
  4. Get server up on local machine by using ‘hollaex server --setup’
  5. Login with credentials created before on dashboard (
  6. Select your exchange, confirm and pull your exchange data and wait for server to setup.
  7. Get the web interface up entering command ‘hollaex web --setup’ (~20 minutes)
  8. Now run the the web you’ve downloaded with cmd ‘hollaex web --start’
  9. Visiting your exchange for the first time locally
  10. How stop web and server
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Great video! Looking forward to seeing more of these!

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