Name of Exchange Name Change?

Hello, I successfully installed the kit on localhost:8080, once inside the admin I started to configure my site for build out…IN one of those instances I changed the “name of the exchange” from what I had entered into the CLI, to the data form.
I was chugging along when I went to change the theme, and [email protected] crashed site. Now after spinning back up the “hollaex server --start”
I get nothing…I get unable to connect in the :8080 and V2/health and constant are of no help as it just lists a the path, and nothing else, and when it was working there was JSON. I have dug around in this forum and tried “http://localhost:10010/v1/health” nothing.
Then I tried to hollaex web --setup and I noticed I received a lot of NPM errors towards the end of the propagation.
So, do I need to delete a file somewhere that changed the instance of what was originally put in as exchange name?
As that is the only thing I can think of, also hollaex status shows everything as nominal.

What do you get when you run hollaex status and hollaex logs?

Please share the output with me. That will be helpful.


The answer to my question I just answered it, when you change the exchange name in the admin, it doesn’t change the name to the Docker DB. So instead of trying to figure out a difficult solution, I have decided to clean Docker, and reinstall all instances.