My Nginx ,have issuses

ERROR: for 50a5b1449636_local_bitoksexchange-nginx_1 Cannot start service bitoksexchange-nginx: driver failed programming external connectivity on endpoint local_bitoksexchange-nginx_1 (edea379b3f9c7846eabdf4022fffd606e9026ec46e86edfa6d962d569
46d4ce5): Error starting userland proxy: listen tcp4 bind: address already in use

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Hi there.

Seems like there’s an application exists on your computer which already using the 80 (HTTP) port.

Can you stop the HollaEx first by using the hollaex stop command, and find which application on your computer is using the HTTP 80 port?

The HollaEx would work properly once you start the server with hollaex start, after you kill the application using 80 port.

Thank you.

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