Missing deposit to the exchange account

One of my users on the exchange reported that has made an XRP deposit to his wallet on the exchange but it is not showing in the deposit history of the user and it is currently missing.

What is the reason for this and how do I resolve this issue?


For any missing deposit, you can go to your exchange in History → Deposits. Refer to the attached image file and click on ‘check deposit status’ and provide the transaction information in the popup. Once submitted, it would then automatically get processed.

In case the missing deposit is XRP or XLM that has a destination tag or memo, you can add the tag or memo to the address field in Check Deposit Status following this format:

e.g. rGcSzmuRx8qngPRnrvpCKkP9V4njeCPGCv:858145632

Please keep in mind that this feature only works for deposits and has nothing to do with withdrawals from the exchange.


Thanks for the detailed response. This feature is a gem.


This post is extremely useful. I just found out it exists and it saves so much time for the support.

Scanning the transaction status for deposits using this method can be done for ANY transactions on the exchange. The search DOES NOT have to be related to your account. So the exchange operator can also user this for a user in case user does not know how to do it.


Why does this case happen? I just want to understand the root cause a bit more.