Manual KYC Plugin Error

I’m setting up a fresh exchange and I seem to have run into a bit of trouble with the manual KYC plugin.

It installs without errors, but under verification I just see “Identity” and not “Document Upload”. And when I click on Identity, rather than displaying the button to start identity verification, I get this error: “Unknown Error: Error: Could not require ‘antd’. ‘antd’ does not exist in dependencies.”

Any ideas as to what could be causing this?

Hi. Can you actually provide a screenshot for this?

It will be better if you can provide your browser’s developer console screenshots too.

Check the ‘Console’ and ‘Network’ sections on the developer console.



Here’s a screenshot of the error:

The console:


I had installed another exchange for a client and found that the issue was with exchange version 2.2.2 along with v4 of the kyc plugin. I upgraded the exchange to 2.2.3 and it’s working fine now. I guess it was a clash between the plugin and the earlier version of the exchange.

Plugins aren’t easy to develop at this point but it gets easier from experience. You can check this out and might find something useful

As stated in the Release Notes, the new KYC plugins require minimum HollaEx Kit v2.2.3

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True. I saw that a while back. Unfortunately v4 came along with Kit v2.2.2, so there was some confusion.