Live HollaEx Exchanges


Is anyone running an exchange successfully? I’m researching the model currently and would like to hear experiences.

Feel free to share the domain, particularly any that have any custom designs.



This is the live exchange built from the kit:
I know the bitHolla guys behind it, they have made many trading platforms in the past including with BitMEX so I guarantee you are in good hands if you are thinking of some serious exchange plan. Nonetheless the exchange client is open source so you know what exactly you get obviously.

I personally don’t want to run a trading platform cuz of all the reg and ops involved but if you got a killing idea with an existing audience you better do something sooner than later. (I mean before crypto market gets crazy again!)


The website is open source here. You can fully customize it. We have made a lot of customizations to it so it’s definitely possible. Our exchange is not live yet. I am going to share it once it goes production.

The process is quite clear if you have developers. bitHolla is also quite helpful in case you need assistant.

Hope this helps.

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There are a load of projects using the software that aren’t publicizing the use of the exchange software due to the following reasons:

  1. Don’t want to increase competition for themselves by sharing technology with others
  2. Have not completed the customization process and still building
  3. Don’t want to reveal they are using a white-label solution for business reasons (similar to 1)
  4. Are using the technology internally and not for retail/public use (this can be for biz accounting purposes)
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I’d like to add this to this thread:
You can publicize your project similar way and get the collateral and get it running.

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