Listing in CoinMarketCap

Hello is it possible to list my exchange on coinmaketcap ? If yes Could you please help me with the right API urls.

This is what CoinMarketCap asks:

  • Five (5) API Endpoint URLs
  • If possible, explain whether you have any measures to prove that the volume is real.
  • Cybersecurity Measures

would really love if the Hollaex team get list the end points for me for example: api.(yourdomain).com/v2/(endpoint1)

Thank you very much


Example of endpoints can be found here: API Reference. All you need to do is change those with your domain url. You can also checkout /explorer on your API. That would give you the magical API explorer you can interact with.

Not exciting enough? you could build the same API reference using this repository: GitHub - bitholla/hollaex-apidoc: API documentation for HollaEx

I would like to see more info posted on this matter. Adding on CMC is quite a big deal. Any experience sharing would be helpful.

It would be great if someone writes an article about this. One of those XHT job rewards would be great to have here for that.