Liquidity for Own Asset


If i create and list an asset on my exchange (donation paid) how can i provide liquidity that is not via OTC? By this i mean my own liquidity, not Hollaex liquidity? Basically how can I replicate a Pancake swap liquidity pool but on my own exchange that enables trading on the “pro” screen?

Also if I had to go down the OTC route, would the “live” price of my token factor in the OTC Trades? Meaning I would need to continually adjust the prices to reflect the token price or will the token price simply be the OTC price?

To given an example, the CO2 Micro Offset Token, when added to my exchange allows me to also add a USDT market. How have they created the USDT market for the token?


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I am a consultant and had the exact same problem launching an exchange, the OTC is manual data updates, I looked at the docker images to change the pricing via code but it’s not that simple, some very advanced consultants I know looked at the code and found all the other data was stored on remote HollaEx servers.

We never got to the donation paid because we had 100s of tokens to launch with offset stored data, it was a non-starter for the exchange, normally you would use a third party open source liquidity tool but how you hook that in to HollaEx is anyones guess, instead the consultants told us to launch another way with another platform, we had this running quite quickly and no donations with all data onsite.

So far we found with HollaEx the information to be difficult to find, you basically have to go through the process and find the surprises afterwards, a lot of these third party liquidity bots pull the liquidity data from exchanges like Binance which is how our new exchange does it, they are probably doing it that way but someone from HollaEx would have to explain it.

I suspected that may be the case. Could you share which provider you used in the end?

I believe this has been brought up many times already.

What you need to is a remarketer. Basically you make a bot that creates an order or an otc price based on another source. Then when someone trades with the bot it automatically hedges its position on another side. Such services and codes are available and with a bit of programming you can make this and its something case by case depending on your token, liquidity etc.

You can try to talk to these guys who will then pass you off to an entity, they architect/design how it works but someone else implements it, they’re a little selective who they respond to so might be worth mentioning how you got their details, all the white label providers like Alphapoint or Chainup cost $100,000s because we asked, honestly they were no more forthcoming with information, seems to be an industry wide problem you find out the wrinkles afterwards and no matter how hard you search not before, we managed to get an exchange running for $1,000s based on their advice, there are use cases for HollaEx but we don’t have any :smiley: