KYC plugin problems

So is there a link where I can download this plugin and fix it? Also in the nginx conf should be set to like 15MB and not 10MB so users can upload large images for the KYC plugin. But the plugin has some misleading text that confuses users when filing out the KYC. I would like to fix this problem.

By changing the 10MB max upload to 20MB did not help in the nginx conf. When looking at the admin and looking at the back ground change saw that the max is 2MB. Which is the same as MySQL. So there has to be a way to change the max upload for this problem. Plus some rewording needs to be badly.

The image uploading process in the free manual kyc is quite old and requires a big update. If you’d like to take the initiative, let me know and will share on how to contribute to it.

Iv gotten a copy sent form support. But I found the needed wording change to be in en.js in the lang folder. But like every update Im having to reformat because of docker and nodejs now.

You could go to /web folder and run it manually with npm install followed by npm start using this doc. You also don’t have to use strings from web. You could just hard code stuff if its just used for one language.

This has been fixed. I found the problem in the main web source and fixed it and push the PR to github. It has been added to the new version. Also with bit of help form the dev on github which had me change a few things before approving it.