Is there any official release record for HollaEx?

Just like the title says, im looking for a record of the HollaEx’s kit versions, is there anything like that?

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Here: Release Notes - HollaEx

Is that what you are looking for?

That document only gets to 2021, isnt there anything listing previous versions?

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You are right, the doc only covers release notes for a couple of years, however, GitHub does track more of the development: Releases · hollaex/hollaex-kit · GitHub

As a side note, HollaEx Kit does go back even further to the very early crypto days of late 2016 - 2017, a period where it wasn’t shared publically/open-sourced on GitHub.

There’s this video I found it more or less covers the story of HollaEx and has some cool stuff in it, it might help you!

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