Is there a way to connect from the diy to my phones browser that is using the same network?

I am using a server and am not able to view the localhost:8080 through it and thought if it would work on my phone or other devices.

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Hey. Theoretically, you can reach your DIY web server from other devices in the same network.

Try to get your server’s private IP first (something starts with 192.168. or 10.0, 172.30), and type that IP with port 8080 on the browser of some else device.

If your server’s private IP is, then type on your phone’s browser.

That gonna work :slight_smile:


try developer mode and ‘toggle device toolbar’


I will try this today thanks

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This is what I got when I did that.

Did you specify the 8080 port too?

If you mean adding the 8080 port yes… I put the IP and everything in correctly. I will need to retest this tonight just to make sure but I am 99% sure I did it right.