Is there a developer that can help me with the onramp integration

I have a DIY BOOST plan and i am looking forward for someone who can help me with the integration of the platform on my exchange, It is fairly simple, I dont want much just the integration, the user should be able to buy cryptos and his wallet should be prefilled.


There is usually nothing “fairly simple” about integration as it rarely goes smoothly, but shouldn’t be that complicated either assuming onramper plays nicely.


We have successfully integrated on ramp crypto purchaess and deposit using Transak.Please contact us [email protected] fir more info

Is that just an iframe? Do you have a public page on a HollaEx exchange showcasing that?

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No its not an iframe. Its a fully integrated Hollaex Plugin that Performs On Ramping and Notifications via Webhook.

Please let ua know when you would like to perform integration

You need to at least share the link for the working plugin as a reference.

We would have to setup a specialized demo for you.
Do you already have an account with onramper ? we would use onramper dev api to setup.pls give us a while to spin up a test hollaex instance.

Thank you