Is it possible to make withdrawal request immediately after you make a deposit?


I am just curious that is it possible to make an immediate withdrawal request with the balance I got on my vault wallet, which I deposited from another external wallet?

If it’s not possible, how long do I need to wait to make another withdrawal request from Vault?

Thank you.

Hi there!

That’s a good question. I can say that at least on our system side, We don’t have any time limitations for withdrawal. But there could be a limitation with the blockchain network.

If you are trying to withdrawal the amount that you deposited immediately from another wallet, There can be a chance that your transaction didn’t get fully verify through the entire blockchain network. So, some part of the blockchain network could not know that you even got that amount of balance at your wallet… yet!

You can always try to make a withdrawal, but we can’t guarantee that your withdrawal request always going to work, because it’s really up to the blockchain.

If you get HTTP 400 error after you make the withdrawal request, that means something went wrong. In this case, please hold for a small amount of time more, and try it again.


One thing to add to this is that if you deposit into a sub address in a multi wallet, you need to also wait for it to be swept into your master address. That’s required in the multi address setup so it needs I would say a minute on average.