Initial supply of assets

I have managed to run my kit using HollaEx kit.

Now I have an exchange without any assets to trade. What is the method to supply assets into my exchange? What is Vault actually and how does it differ from exchange wallet?

thank you.

I think you need to clarify your question a bit. Perhaps screenshot would be good.
what do you mean by?

now I have an exchange which some asset should be supplied on that ,how is it possible?

Are you referring to trading pairs and supported coins on your exchange?

I want to supply (for example )50 BTC and 1500ETH and 5000 my of own coin .what brings to mind is that the initiator of the exchange (in this case me)should deposit an account with some amount of BTC and submit sell offers totally amount to 50 BTC ,similarly should generate a ETH wallet and create offers totally amount to 1500 ETH .but deposit button for me is disabled .

Right. You need to connect it to Vault for it to fully work. Follow the explanation here. You need a minimum of Vault business account though.

Alternatively you can deposit assets withing the system through the admin panel by clicking User → Search the user → Funding → deposit amount to the specific user account.

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In order for your to fund accounts locally, you do not need Vault.

Essentially there are two types of wallets: Internal and External. Internal refers to virtual assets on your own exchange wallet and how much your users have. External refers to the Vault system and the actual coins.

Technically you can have your own exchange without connecting it to the outside world and have as much virtual assets as you want. In order to supply and fund these virtual assets, all you need to do is to follow this procedure:

  1. Login with your admin account on your exchange. (
  2. Click admin page button on the right side of the top bar.
  3. Once you are in Admin Page click user on the left panel
  4. Select the user you wish to credit (You can find the user by searching full email or id or alternatively find him in All Users tab)
  5. Go to Funding tab of the user and select the coin and amount you wish to credit
  6. For creditting (supplying) funds you should select deposit and for taking funds out of an account you should choose withdrawal.
  7. Click the deposit button at the bottom and the process is completed.

You can do this for any asset you have on the platform and it should work fine as long as its processed internally.

Vault is only required when you are dealing with actual cryptocurrencies outside of the system such as sending them to another address etc that are not within your exchange. It’s the real crypto assets essentially and it is optional. Think of it as swift for banks but in crypto.

Hope this answers your question.


Hi there
I cannot see the above configuration in my admin account?

This is an old thread belongs to v1. You can manage these in but keep in mind that its only for assets you created and verified within the HollaEx Network.

Thanks Ali
Just wondering that now in V.2 all the wallets inside the exchange are Vault and all the funds are real? As I see in the above mentioned posts that there are two types of asset: virtual and real.
It was possible that the real fund and the virtual fund wasn’t the same and this would help to have better liquidity and wealth management. Is it still there in V.2?

It is not possible for vault based assets (crypto assets). However for virtual assets such as fiat currencies that is totally up to the issuer.