Init Administration Account Creation Error - Frontend

Hello everybody!!
I’m having the following error after installing a self-hosting.

When I try to create the account the first i get this message:

I’m running this version:
HollaEx CLI : v2.1.4.
HollaEx Kit : v2.1.13.
the hollaex prod command was executed and ssl is enable for my site and no SMTP configuration are set at this stage.

In the logs files I found the following:

Container : local_xxexchange-server-plugins_1
{“level”:“info”,“message”:“b77fe884-db16-4443-8197-40797c902f51 controllers/admin/createInitialAdmin email <my_mail>”,“timestamp”:“2021-07-09T11:35:17.543Z”}
{“level”:“error”,“message”:“b77fe884-db16-4443-8197-40797c902f51 controllers/admin/createInitialAdmin 403 - {“message”:“Error 1001 - exchange authentication failed”}”,“timestamp”:“2021-07-09T11:35:19.264Z”}

Container : local_xxexchange-server-stream_1
{“message”:"ws/hub unexpected-response ",“level”:“error”,“timestamp”:“2021-07-09T11:34:31.357Z”}
{“message”:"ws/hub unexpected-response ",“level”:“error”,“timestamp”:“2021-07-09T11:34:37.002Z”}
{“message”:"ws/hub unexpected-response ",“level”:“error”,“timestamp”:“2021-07-09T11:34:42.641Z”}

I will appreciate any help to solve where this error comes from and create my administrator user


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I’ve got same problem. Any solution?

Please check the following threads where are the steps I did to solved this issue with the administrator account creation.

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I am facing the same issue. How to solve this? Also I am unable to join discord channel for some reason. It shows empty. Please help.


Hi @kamaldev,

Seems the Discord link could be expired. Here is another HollaEx Discord link.

Exchange Authentication Failed means that either your API Key/Secret or your exchange activation_code is not correct. I suggest you check your configmap and secret files and double check the values for those values.