I got Network Error on login page


I followed the documentation and created my exchange.
I ran hollaex prod and finished the domain setting.

But when I’m trying to join, the webpage is not responding, and when I’m trying to login, it shows the ‘Network Error’ message.

Are there any additional settings I need to run after following the documentation created?

And I’ve seen other people perform SMTP settings, etc. in the admin panel, where the admin account and password can be created.


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First of all, please check your API server reachability. You could easily test it by running the hollaex status command.

If it’s all good, there’s a possibility that your web server is pointing to the wrong URL to reach the API.

Please try to run the hollaex web --restart command to build your web server again & apply it.

Let me know how it goes. :slight_smile:


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안녕하세요 :wave:

I checked my running status with hollaex status command, and it looks everything is fine.

What I doubt is cloudflare.
I have set up cloudflare to send all traffic to https. Accordingly, I changed the api and main address to https in the config_map file and ran the hollaex --web restart command.
Could these parts be a problem?

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I see. Enabling the Cloudflare CDN for the API domain could cause a connection failure, depends on your settings.

I want to ask you to retry it after disabling the CF CDN for the API. CDN for the web would be okay.

Also, to discover the exact issue, please try to log in on the exchange web while the browser developer console (something like the screenshot below) is open. The console will tell you more detailed information about the problem you are having.

I’ll be looking forward to hearing from you back.

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Thank you for help.

I disabled “Always Use HTTPS” option from cloudflare, and it seems to be working well.

So… then what is the initial password for my account? or where can I find it?

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Hey. You can find the initial password from the email you got.

Also, the email is the one you’ve used to register on the bitHolla dashboard.

Please give it a shot and let me know how it goes!


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