How to improve the website speed?


I am running the latest HollaEx Kit v1.4 on my home server, but seeing some performance issue while using the web trading page.

The initial load is slower than my expectation… It works well once it get loaded but i believe there would be a way to improve this.

I don’t think this is my home server’s hardware issue. It got plenty of CPU power and RAM. Except for the hardware upgrade, what can I do to improve the website speed?


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Let me ask few questions for better understanding of your issue.

  1. You are referring to performance issue on the web client or server?
  2. Are you referring to deployment time or the performance of the website after it’s deployed?

For the web client you should look into CDN solutions for better performance and hosting it manually on hosting solutions like Amazon S3. You can do the deployment through manual deployment by building /web folder using the command: npm run build

Simplest answer: use cloudflare as your CDN and enable the proxy option so that cloudflare caches your website data.

Hi there.

I’m happy to let you know that there’s an official docs ready for implementing CDN to HollaEx.

Please check this page for more details.


The link is down…
Please update. Thank you.

Use this link for CDN configuration with Cloudflare: Cloudflare CDN for HollaEx - HollaEx