How to create Plugin Template

1.I want to know how to create plugin template.
There is a web_view object in the plugin json file. So I want to know how to target the page and get the template file to that page.

  1. Which format do i write my template file. In html, js?

Hello! Have you tried checking out this link for the plugins? Also, plugin for custom development is still evolving, as far as you know.

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Sorry, the link is unclickable. Here it is again: Develop plugins - HollaEx

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Check out this repository thats got the web folder with few samples:

This is how to do the web bundle and you can then add it to your web_view. There are some useful commands there that you can use to create the JSON file for your plugin.

There is a doc here too: Web view development - HollaEx

This might also be useful in case you are trying to develop a server side plugin and want to have a dev environment: Run dev mode - HollaEx

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