How to create a new DB table while on plugin development?


I’m working on to make a custom plugin for my HollaEx exchange, and I want to know how to create a new DB table for it. Can someone help me?

Also, Do I need to include a model file in db/models folder to do it?

I’ll wait for the reply. Thank you.

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Hi there.

There is a function called createModel in the tools library. You can access it via toolsLib.database.createModel() .

The parameters of the function are (name , properties , options ).

  • name is the name of the new model to create - properties is an object that contains all the model properties in sequelize format. The ID property is already set in the function so you don’t need to pass it.

  • options are additional sequelize options

This function will return the newly created sequelize model object. You can then use the returned model object as any other sequelize model object.


 const exampleModel = toolsLib.database.createModel(
    properties = {
        created_by: {
            type: 'integer',
            onDelete: 'CASCADE',
            allowNull: false,
            references: {
                model: 'Users',
                key: 'id'
        title: {
            type: 'string',
            allowNull: false
        message: {
            type: 'text',
            allowNull: false


Let me know if you have any question further :slight_smile: