How much does it cost to use hollaex?

how much does it cost to use hollaex monthly?

also if i was to run this on my own server what are estimated costs for that too?

how about hardware? do I need a powerful machine?

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Hey there.

HollaEx is using a unique collateral concept for exchange activation. You should buy and collateralize a certain amount of XHT (HollaEx Token) to get an activation code for your exchange. The XHT collateralize can be changed dynamically based on the market.

You can also claim your collateralized XHT back after a certain period (it’s 6 months for now) If you are not using the HollaEx exchange anymore.

So, technically you don’t pay anything for HollaEx monthly. Just set your XHT as deposit, and claim back when you are done with running the exchange.

Please check our official website to see more info.


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Got it. Thx for reply

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