How many times a user can create API keys


I am working on an Market Maker for the exchange, I would like to check on two things:

  • is there a method from ccxt library which can provide a user’s account unique string which is constant of each account (like email), fetchAccounts() is not available.
  • If not above then How many times a user can create API keys/secrets from the exchange dashboard ? Is there a daily limit or something similar ?

There is no limit in how many api keys you can make. You can make as many as you want for different purposes.

Is there a reason you want to make so many keys?

Yes, As mentioned above: If CCXT do not have a way to get me a constant from an exchange account owner Then I would like to manage number of tasks (created by user) from the market maker manually (by API key) but if there is no limit on API key then you can guess the system can be clueless from core in some way.