How do you delete exchange on hollaex dash

Good evening. So far I have been having tons of problems with the kit. Iv had to reformat the server and now Im not able to reinstall because it says that the exchange is already active. Im not seeing anything on how to delete the exchange from the hollaex dash. For some reason docker crashed would do jack. So that is why I reformatted and started fresh.

Found it easier to just make it go under a new sub domain. But this will still be a good thing to have info about.

deleting an exchange is not so straight forward at the moment due to some other side effects. Why exactly do you want to delete the exchange? Making a new one I suppose is easier if its just testing.

For one everytime I need to push something it never goes through. And now that the update was released docker crashes and doesnt load the new images and having to reformat again.